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   Spine magazine published Abumi papers in 1999, he used the epistropheus pedicle screw combined with occipital finished atlanto-axial vertebral reduction and fixation plate. His design make the pillow internal fixation technology reached a new height. So far only met in the foreign literature the use of the modified epistropheus pedicle screw pillow internal fixator application report, but haven't seen a product can be applied.

         At present domestic fixed pillow internal carotid surgery used in imported internal fixation instruments, have fixed without reset function, and long segment fixation, at least should be fixed to the fourth cervical vertebra, lost two or more normal joint activities. So use these internal fixation instrument treatment of atlanto-axial dislocation, theoretically is inappropriate.

          In view of the above, Peking University third hospital orthopaedic wang chao, director of the physician in combination with many years clinical experience, design a set of new cervical internal fixation system. HuaJieHao Peking University third hospital, Beijing science and technology development company and Tianjin Xinzhong Medical Devices CO., LTD Cooperation developed by wang chao, director of the physician within the posterior cervical spine design holder. After several years of clinical application, and more than 100 cases of medical records of more than one year follow-up, proved that the holder has simple structure, easy to install and use, the dislocation of atlas has a strong pulling reduction and fixation effect. The internal fixator has obtained national medical device registration certificate, and has obtained the patent.

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