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       Bone in adult for 206 pieces, accounts for about 1/5 of the weight, each bone all is an organ, has some of the morphological structure and vessels and nerves supply, can continuously metabolism, has its growth process, and have the ability to repair and rebuild, regular physical exercise, can improve the good bone growth.

        Medical think bone or bone trabeculae continuity and integrity that destroyed for fractures.

     Adult fracture clinical healing time

      Fixed the time length, the main basis for clinical healing fracture of the specific conditions of the following for adult fracture healing the time required to general clinical.

   Clavicular fracture 1-1.5 months   
   Humerus surgical neck fracture 1-1.5 months
       Humerus fractures backbone 1, 2 months
   On the humerus fractures condyle 1-1.5 months
       Feet below the radial fracture 1-1.5 months
       Palm ZhiGu fracture 25 days-a month
   Femoral neck fracture 3-6 months
       2-between rotor fracture 2.5 months
       Femoral fractures 2-3 months
       Philip tibial fracture 2--the backbone of 2.5 months
       The ankle fractures 1-1.5 months
       Zhe bone fracture 1-1.5 months
       Below the radial fracture 1.5-2 months

       The fixed time should not only enough, also does not want to be long, as to when to dismantle, to listen to the doctor guidance.

       The kind of fracture is varied, the different parts in addition to anatomy, fracture morphology is different. Fracture line can show hooliganism, normal oblique, spiral, etc. Fracture line for one or more. There is a line of the fracture above fracture called comminuted fractures. After fracture fracture end can shift or not shift. Sometimes, fracture end embedded into each other, called embedded in fracture. In cancellous bone, the external force can occur under compression, called compression fractures, such as vertebral compression fractures with bone and. Fracture of the different form, the stability is also different. No shift fracture, embedded in the fractures and shape after fracture restoration is not easy to shift, for stability fractures. Normal oblique fractures, spiral fractures and not easy to comminuted fractures fixed, for unstable fractures. The fracture site, type is different, treatment is also different. The fracture site, type is the main basis to treatment, and the selection of treatment are closely related. Stability through small fracture more splint or a plaster cast, simple, less pain patients. The stability of the external fixation with fracture some method can be cured, sometimes need to open reduction and internal fixation operation may. Femoral fractures around because of strong muscle, fixed to surgery. Older femoral neck and of intertrochanteric fractures feasible percutaneous needle much fixation, surgical method is simple, little injury to the patient.

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