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  To strengthen our city medical equipment management enterprises, regulating the supervision and administration ofmedical devices the market management order, and ensuring the safety of medical devices, effective, and better perform medical equipment management of self monitoring, as well as the medical equipment supervision and management regulation and the medical equipment management enterprise measures for the supervision and administration of the related provisions of the enterprise, the voluntary and the food and drug administration to keep good faith, and shall operate the sign, ensure the quality of products of the undertaking of sales, promise as follows: content
1、 study of relevant state laws and regulations, and consciously abide by the medical equipment management in sales, the relevant provisions of the guarantee law do business sales.
2、 strengthen the management of medical equipment product quality management, establish and perfect the enterprise quality guarantee system, adhere to the "quality first" is the enterprise policy.
3、 insist on executive medical devices, put an end to Treasury system sales incoming acceptance of the medical devices without products.
4、 in the library of products, in strict accordance with the classification, zoning, partial management, adhere to the "fifo" principle. For the warehouse keeping accounting, for the warehouse of the "work" five.
5、 strict medical equipment sales, and put an end to no business qualification, no use qualification of the unit or individual sell medical products.
6、 establish the medical equipment products quality traceability of system. On high-risk medical products report system and establish adverse events Recall system.
7、 strictly good medical equipment quality of products, prevent fake medical products into the market.
8、 quality manager and YanShouYuan change, timely reported to local food and drug administration department for the record.
9、 according to medical equipment specifications mark content are introduced, do not exaggerate the propaganda, not beyond the propaganda.

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